What are the top ten ejuice brand

f you are experienced vapor, you must be pretty much concerned about the quality of electronic cigarette liquid and the price. The following are the current top ten brands of the world’s e-liquid list and the corresponding product price for those vapers’ conference

# 1 (30ml – $ 27.50 RMB 167)
Coming from California, USA, Five Pawns E-Liquid is known for its handmade modulation and comes with a product batch number on each e-liquid bottle. Five Pawns E-Liquid with high quality e-liquid ingredients and high-end market has been enjoying a great popularity among the vaping industry.

# 2 – Suicide Bunny E-Juice (30ml – $ 22 RMB 135)
Suicide Bunny is a very famous electronic cigarette  juice, dedicating to the mixed fruit tastes, Suicide Bunny E-Juice flavor names with a total of five flavors are very personal, which is famous for her mothers milk, many heavy vapers enjoy this flavor has a lot of lovers. Although the choice of taste is limited, but does not affect the number of its consumers.

# 3 – Mellsung E-Juice (10ml – $ 6 RMB 35)
That is incredible,lool,pls just be calm don,all of the e-juice is 10ml bottled. It seems that the flavor of Mellsung is designed to be more in line with the preferences of newbies. It with unique purely flavor is welcomed, especially the Dark Knight e-liquid.

# 4 – Space Jam Robo Fuel (30ml – $ 22 RMB 135)

Space Jam Robo Fuel can “blow you out of this world.” Although slightly exaggerated, its fruit flavor is in the e-juice  is popular indeed including the Andromeda series standing out.

# 5 – The Standard E-Juice (30ml – $ 23 RMB 140)
Originating from California,  Standard VAPE  is one of the high-end popular e liquid, colorful bottles is enough to attract any customer’s eye, each bottle of standards are hand-made in the experimental level factory , which is super beautiful appearance and Super good flavor.

# 6 – Halo E-Liquid (30ml – $ 20 RMB 122)

Halo E-Liquid headquartered in the United States is made from natural plant spices, featuring unique natural taste, Halo is known for complex and diverse different flavors , which Cuipei Bei by consumers, especially in the Chinese market in particular sought after.

# 7 – Cosmic Fog Vapors (30ml – $ 22 RMB 135)
The cosmic Fog Vapors made in California is relatively a relatively young e-liquid band,  its product flavor is very tempting although despite it come with 6 different types of fruit flavored.

# 8 – CRFT E-Liquid (30ml – $ 20 RMB 122)

It comes with a total of four flavors made by hand for your choosing from. which could generally be bought in the high-end vaping store.

# 9 – Cyclops Vapor (30ml – $ 22 RMB 135)
In addition to its four very delicious fruit flavored e-juice, the more important is that each of their e-liquid behind a very strange story , so that vapors can not help but  would like to figure out who it is,that is why it ranks among top ten of the e-liquid brand.

# 10- Virgin Vapor (30ml – $ 20 RMB 122)
If you are looking for a pretty purely local e-juice produced by the United States, then Virgin must not be disappointed you, it is proud of  all of their raw materials made in the United States . Each bottle of e-juice is hand-made, and has a lot of optional flavor.

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What are the world’s top ten electronic cigarette brand

With the rapid rise of the electronic cigarette market, piles of electronic cigarette products are flooding on the market,which is difficult to distinguish. Today, I would like to tell you what the world’s top ten electronic cigarette brand are, I believe that you could one preferred.

Top1: eCom
From Milan, Italy’s well-known electronic cigarette brand, with more than 1,500 physical stores in more than 50 countries and regions around the world ,eCom is one of the pioneers and leaders on the global electronics industry. eCom is committed to product development with more than 100 professional R & D engineers, more than 300 technical patents, including a number of technology as the global industry standard in 2014, eCom and emini won the highest international industrial design awarded by “Red dot”.

Top: 2: Joyetech
Joyetech Group was founded in 2007, the company has been focusing on brand building ranging from the continuous product research to innovation, Joyetech has become a leader in the electronic cigarette industry. Joyetech is well known for a wealth of industry experience and technology, highly competitive and trustworthy service to promote the development of brand image, and has played a profound impact on the entire electronic cigarette industry . The company’s constant innovation and research and development contribute to the best vaping experience, and therefore inspired vaping industry to continue to strive for excellence.

Top: 3: SMOK
SMOK electronic cigarette is the electronic cigarette brand of Shenzhen Yiwei Pusi Technology Co., Ltd., which integrates the design and development of vaping design, production and sales service and the operation platform of Internet commercial business platform. It has kinds of electronic cigarette products, covering newbie to experienced vaping products. Smoke flagship in the high-end market, is committed to creating stable performance, fashion modeling, good quality and excellent products to benefit the global vapors.

Top: 4: Si Ge Lei
Shenzhen Si Ge Lei Technology Co., Ltd., established in September 2011, is a hi-tech enterprises professionally engaged in research and development, production, sales and service as one of the electronic cigarette. The company created its own brand SIGELEI, with high-quality, experienced R & D team and management personnel, product exports all over the world, won a good reputation.

Top5: Kanger
Kanger established in 2007 with high-tech talent and sound resources training system and regular department is specializing in developing and manufacturing top-notch vapors which passed ISO9001 certification and CE and ROSH strictly. The vapor is famous for stable and quality, which has been guiding the vaping industry trend.

Top6: Innokin
Innokin Technology Co., Ltd. is the world’s leading manufacturer of electronic cigarettes, the company has been insisted on independent research and development to create a unique brand of electronic cigarettes, and creatively developed a number of electronic cigarette technology. Innokin promote the healthy lifestyle as their responsibility, and constantly develop and improve the beautiful and practical vapors. The e-cigarettes are exported to Europe and American.

Top7: Klein Peng
“Cloupor” brand under the Shenzhen Kelai Peng Technology Co., Ltd., which is located in Bao’an District of Shenzhen City, is a professional research team and innovative talents of the electronic cigarette company, owns “Cloupor” and sub-brand “Smoant” two electronic cigarette Brand, adhere to market-oriented, scientific and technological innovation as the driving force, its products are enjoying a great popularity in Europe and the United States market,which has recognized and praised by the vast number of consumers including many domestic and foreign brands and dealers .

Top8: Aspire
Shenzhen Eigate Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in 2013, focusing on healthy electronic cigarette products, the original R & D and independent production, a series of revolutionary technology and subversive products continue to lead the electronic cigarette industry technology and innovation of the new trend. Over the past four years, Aspire is world-renowned with its solid and profound technical strength, stable and reliable quality of ability, originality of the creative and thoughtful service .

Top9: IJOY
Shenzhen IJOY Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “IJOY”) is the the global business of IJOY Group which is commitment to research and development, production and sales of electronic cigarette! Since its inception, IJOY has been adhering to customer needs and value their requirements, not only hugging the fastest research and development of vaping industry, but providing vapers with first-class vaping design concept.

TESLACIGS is the brand of Shenzhen KingZone technology.Co.,ltd dedicated to researching and development, production, sales, packaging, transportation of vaping products, the company’s slogan is “build the world’s highest quality, most innovative electronic cigarette” to provide high-quality vaping experience for the Customers , and Teslacigs” brand has been deeply rooted in the prestigious at home and abroad including the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Russia, Malaysia, Australia and other countries and regions.

Plus: Beyang

Of course,you would better not miss out the brand new vapor company named beyang which is a sub-brand of Shenzhen Hengkangda technology Co.,ltd dedicated to R&D,manufacturing and distributing high quality,healthy and eco-friendly vaporizers.
Covering 2600 sqaure meters,Hengkangda owns modern office,dust free workshop,200 staff ,and 10 international and first class production lines.Equipped with sufficient lubricators,inspection and packing machines,R&D lab,and more than 10 experienced electronic engineers,the supply capacity has been up to 300,000 sets monthly to meet domestic and oversea customers’ demanding requests.
After years of practice,Hengkangda has manufacturered more than 10 patented,CE and ROHS certified vaporizers,to enter target markets freely.For more information about beyangvapor,pls visit http://www.beyangvapor.com

What is the difference between electronic cigarettes and regular cigarettes

Electronic cigarette is a non-burning alternative to tobacco products, it is similar to some of the characteristics of traditional cigarettes,which can refresh the smokers to meet the pleasure and years of development habits. What are the differences?

Specific difference

1.The principle of cigarette smoke is smoke atomization through the smoke, which is different from the traditional cigarette through the burning of tobacco, tobacco burning temperature is up to thousands of degrees, and electronic smoke atomization temperature is much lower than the traditional cigarettes The burning temperature of tobacco contributes to producing thousands of decomposition of the material,  many of which we do not know. But the material composition of e juice can be clearly understood, there is glycerol, water, plant extracts and other ingredients, which are no harmful substances.

2.Traditional cigarettes are dependent on mainly containing nicotine (we commonly known as nicotine). The World Health Organization report proposes to gradually reduce the intake of nicotine to achieve the purpose of smoking cessation. Electronic cigarette is very easy to achieve the control of the content of nicotine, because the material content of the e juice can be formulated and controllable. This will enable the “four-step smoking cessation law” settled by World Health Organization: the first step is to use electronic cigarettes with high level nicotine ; the second step is to use those with moderate; The third step is to use low nicotine ; the fourth step is to use those with none of nicotine . Thus overcoming the dependence on cigarettes on the physical and psychological and completing the transition to quit smoking.

3.The reaction mechanism of traditional cigarettes is not the same. The smoke of the electronic cigarette is vaping, the particle size is small. The traditional cigarettes are smoke, belonging to the nature of solid particles.Definitely, the vapor and regular cigarette make effect on body lungs variously. The larger particles including PM2.5 may block the alveoli, which could not be rowed out during the life, resulting in a negative influence significantly. Most of us do not fingure out what the Electronic cigarette is since it is a pretty new stuff. On the one hand, tens of thousands of people want to quit smoking, on the other hand,it is to convenient to vape, or cause an awkward dilemma.


1.Electronic cigarette liquid is refined, which does not contain harmful carbon monoxide, smoke particles and tar, no carcinogenic substances;

2.E-cigarette would not produce second-hand smoke and pollution of the environment, it is available in the car, restaurants, bars, malls, gas stations and other non-smoking places.

3.E-cigarettes is elegant, and functional and fashion, which is enjoying a great popularity among men and women.

4.Just press the button on the box mod to enjoy the vaping,which is easy to use without fire hazards

5.Enjoy the big cloud  meet the habits of heavy smokers

6.It can suck out the aroma, no smoke smell win the lady’s intimate

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Electronic cigarette eliquid is harmless to the human body

The main ingredient in the e liquid or e juice is glycerol and propylene glycol. In order to test the impact on human health, ASPET magazine reported that scientists had placed orangutans and mice in high concentrations of vapor for 12 to 18 months , and prepared the same number of reference comparative samples. The same method was also used to test the effects on human health by direct ingestion of glycerol and propylene glycol , and  the dose of glycerol and propylene glycol at 50 to 700 times had been taken by respiration in the dose of the animals administered.

The results of the test group and the control group showed that there was no essential difference between the developmental rate, the blood cell count, the urine test, the renal function test, the fertility and other indicators. The only difference was that the mice treated with propylene glycol  always show a higher weight, the orangutan’s facial skin was dry after the high saturated vapor exposed to glycerol for a few months. However, this situation disappears when the vapor concentration falls below saturation.

Autopsy did not find any difference between the experimental group  and the reference groups , the lungs did not find  any overall and local stimulation glycerol and propylene glycol steam made on the lungs of the animals , the kidney, liver, spleen and bone marrow examination of experimental group also show normal  .

The results of this experiment shows that there is none of  case of pathogenicity on human exposuring to glycerol and propylene glycol actually, demonstrating that long-term exposure to saturated vapor including glycerol and propylene glycolmainly is harmless

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What are the most influential electronic cigarette forum in various country

Electronic cigarettes as a ideal substitute for regular cigarettes has been swept the world, more and more smokers have switched to electronic cigarettes, meanwhile,those newbie needs to make sure what the electronic cigarette is and how to use it, definitely, e- cigarettes forum where a large number of electronic cigarette users who are vaper successful in smoking cessation share the vaping experience  and exchange of electronic cigarette technology and methods and experience, they share the vaping skills and methods and experiences of using vapor. Today, I would like to list the most important electronic cigarette forums in most countries of the world for reference and participation.
















































South Africa


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