Electronic cigarette eliquid is harmless to the human body

The main ingredient in the e liquid or e juice is glycerol and propylene glycol. In order to test the impact on human health, ASPET magazine reported that scientists had placed orangutans and mice in high concentrations of vapor for 12 to 18 months , and prepared the same number of reference comparative samples. The same method was also used to test the effects on human health by direct ingestion of glycerol and propylene glycol , and  the dose of glycerol and propylene glycol at 50 to 700 times had been taken by respiration in the dose of the animals administered.

The results of the test group and the control group showed that there was no essential difference between the developmental rate, the blood cell count, the urine test, the renal function test, the fertility and other indicators. The only difference was that the mice treated with propylene glycol  always show a higher weight, the orangutan’s facial skin was dry after the high saturated vapor exposed to glycerol for a few months. However, this situation disappears when the vapor concentration falls below saturation.

Autopsy did not find any difference between the experimental group  and the reference groups , the lungs did not find  any overall and local stimulation glycerol and propylene glycol steam made on the lungs of the animals , the kidney, liver, spleen and bone marrow examination of experimental group also show normal  .

The results of this experiment shows that there is none of  case of pathogenicity on human exposuring to glycerol and propylene glycol actually, demonstrating that long-term exposure to saturated vapor including glycerol and propylene glycolmainly is harmless

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