What is the difference between electronic cigarettes and regular cigarettes

Electronic cigarette is a non-burning alternative to tobacco products, it is similar to some of the characteristics of traditional cigarettes,which can refresh the smokers to meet the pleasure and years of development habits. What are the differences?

Specific difference

1.The principle of cigarette smoke is smoke atomization through the smoke, which is different from the traditional cigarette through the burning of tobacco, tobacco burning temperature is up to thousands of degrees, and electronic smoke atomization temperature is much lower than the traditional cigarettes The burning temperature of tobacco contributes to producing thousands of decomposition of the material,  many of which we do not know. But the material composition of e juice can be clearly understood, there is glycerol, water, plant extracts and other ingredients, which are no harmful substances.

2.Traditional cigarettes are dependent on mainly containing nicotine (we commonly known as nicotine). The World Health Organization report proposes to gradually reduce the intake of nicotine to achieve the purpose of smoking cessation. Electronic cigarette is very easy to achieve the control of the content of nicotine, because the material content of the e juice can be formulated and controllable. This will enable the “four-step smoking cessation law” settled by World Health Organization: the first step is to use electronic cigarettes with high level nicotine ; the second step is to use those with moderate; The third step is to use low nicotine ; the fourth step is to use those with none of nicotine . Thus overcoming the dependence on cigarettes on the physical and psychological and completing the transition to quit smoking.

3.The reaction mechanism of traditional cigarettes is not the same. The smoke of the electronic cigarette is vaping, the particle size is small. The traditional cigarettes are smoke, belonging to the nature of solid particles.Definitely, the vapor and regular cigarette make effect on body lungs variously. The larger particles including PM2.5 may block the alveoli, which could not be rowed out during the life, resulting in a negative influence significantly. Most of us do not fingure out what the Electronic cigarette is since it is a pretty new stuff. On the one hand, tens of thousands of people want to quit smoking, on the other hand,it is to convenient to vape, or cause an awkward dilemma.


1.Electronic cigarette liquid is refined, which does not contain harmful carbon monoxide, smoke particles and tar, no carcinogenic substances;

2.E-cigarette would not produce second-hand smoke and pollution of the environment, it is available in the car, restaurants, bars, malls, gas stations and other non-smoking places.

3.E-cigarettes is elegant, and functional and fashion, which is enjoying a great popularity among men and women.

4.Just press the button on the box mod to enjoy the vaping,which is easy to use without fire hazards

5.Enjoy the big cloud  meet the habits of heavy smokers

6.It can suck out the aroma, no smoke smell win the lady’s intimate

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